he PIE Center provides the following communication and media resources to be used by partners, stakeholders and the media. The center established brand and communication guidelines to give direction to the look and feel of the UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education. The guidelines will be helpful when choosing appropriate logos, colors, icons, and messages. Please follow these guidelines as close as possible to ensure a consistent and noticeable look for the PIE Center.

Style guide

Talking points

The center strives to communicate a consistent and clear message about the mission and priority of the PIE Center. Messages have been created to represent the PIE brand and the work of faculty and staff in the PIE Center. The messages should guide the story of the center and resonate with stakeholders in a personal way.


The PIE Center logo is a cornerstone of the center’s purpose, vision and mission. The leaves represent the various sectors of the agriculture and natural resources industry. The grouping of the leaves symbolizes the importance of unity across the industry. The center is also anchored by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, both graphically and methodically.

Color system

The PIE Center utilizes three primary colors, including dark green, teal green, and vivid green. The primary colors are complemented with secondary colors to offer design options.


The PIE Center offers staff, affiliate faculty, students, and partners templates a range of templates to use for official communication, research presentations, training workshops, and other appropriate activities. These templates incorporate consistent branding to help increase the visibility of the center.