Want to learn more
Although the vast majority of Floridians feel uninformed, they are interested in learning about and addressing the issues.
Government influence
Floridians are largely supportive of the federal and state government agencies tasked with protecting plants, animals and habitats.
Burmese pythons
Floridians want to strengthen rules designed to constrict Burmese python populations, supporting efforts to capture and remove wild pythons.
Tough punishments
Floridians take a hard stance when evaluating punishments and restrictions designed to protect and manage endangered and invasive species

Easy as PIE

How concerned are Floridians about endangered and invasive species? To what extent do Floridians believe that native species should be conserved? What actions are Floridians willing to take to help protect endangered species?

Representatives of The Nature Conservancy and UF/IFAS School of Forest Resources and Conservation joined PIE Center director Ricky Telg to discuss results from the PIE Center's newest public opinion survey and the Florida Invasive Species Partnership.

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See a visual representation of the survey's most important findings. When it comes to endangered species, Floridians think endangered species are important and everything should be protected. To them, everyone is responsible and Floridians are willing to change their behaviors to protect endangered species.