Alexa LammAssociate Director
Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Education & Communication

Alexa Lamm is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication and the Associate Director of the PIE Center. Alexa received her undergraduate  from Colorado State University in Animal Science and Extension Education respectively. She then worked as an agricultural extension agent in Colorado for eight years before getting her Doctoral degree from the University of Florida in Program Development and Evaluation.

Alexa specializes in conducting research on how people make decisions and build consensus around agricultural and natural resource issues. Specifically, she examines how individual and group level cognition impacts the decision making and consensus building process, the role of opinion leaders in driving community decision making and how educational initiatives can be targeted to have maximum effect in assisting with informed decision making.

For her extension appointment, Alexa serves on the extension leadership team focused on enhancing and protecting water quality, quantity, and supply. Her role is to assist in public awareness of water issues and enhanced community decision-making. Alexa is also certified in several personality, problem solving and critical thinking assessments including the MBTI, KAI, True Colors and UFCTI. She offers team building and leadership workshops to assist groups increase effectiveness, build trust and provide leadership within their organizations and communities.


Research projects: