Floridians feel unknowledgeable on invasive species

Research from the latest public opinion poll on invasive species revealed that 72 percent of residents rate their concern for invasive species at a high level despite feeling unknowledgeable of invasive species. Learn more about Floridians' opinions of invasive species.

Opinion leaders impact the local food movement

With local food sales totaling over $6 billion in 2012, the economic impact that could occur through local food is clear. Public perception plays a vital role in gaining the public's support of the local food movement. Results from a recent study help define opinion leadership and the role that opinion leaders could play in supporting local food.

Floridians hunger for food safety

Floridians say they are concerned about food waste in their home and feel responsible when it comes to preventing food borne illnesses. Learn more about the opinions of Floridians when it comes to food waste and safety.

Next Easy as PIE webinar

Alexa Lamm

January 25 (2-3pm) – Consumer trust in science and its impact on decision-making related to agriculture and natural resources

Generally speaking, the scientific community is trusted by the public, however people can be selective on the scientific information they choose to trust. Join Dr. Alexa Lamm and Dr. Joy Rumble, UF PIE Center faculty, in the January session of the Easy as PIE webinar as they...
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