New Study: Food safety behaviors vary between generations

Generational differences among Florida residents with regards to food safety knowledge and behaviors were revealed in a recent study by the PIE Center. Read the full article and learn more.

Behind the lens: winners of the photo contest

Among over 400 photo submissions, Alexandra Morrison won the best overall category with her photograph from the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition. Learn more about her story and find out who won the best in Florida category.

Floridians feel unknowledgeable on invasive species

Research from the latest public opinion poll on invasive species revealed that 72 percent of residents rate their concern for invasive species at a high level despite feeling unknowledgeable of invasive species. Learn more about Floridians' opinions of invasive species.

Next Easy as PIE webinar

April 20 (2-3pm) – The Green Leap: A Holistic Approach to Designing and Managing Urban Developments for Biodiversity

Sustainable or “green” communities are being built across the globe, and one goal is to conserve urban biodiversity. Decisions made by policymakers/planners, developers, and homeowners interact in unique ways, affecting the functionality of any community. For example, with one...
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Kara Harders: Perceptions of the Florida peach industry

Kara Harders is working toward a master’s degree in agricultural education and...
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Noah Valenstein: Water management district proactive in solving complex water issues

Noah Valenstein has been the Executive Director of the Suwannee River Water...
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PIE Center research on display: Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists

  GAINESVILLE –Faculty, staff and students recently presented research from the...
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Dr. Jack Payne: Building trust in science through partnerships

Jack Payne has led the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and...
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